Dr. Sharon Basham

The new hospital will offer a world-class healing and therapeutic environment; a hub for healing, restoration, and healthy living.

Dr. Sharon Basham
Medical Director of Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital

Healing the whole individual

Restoring you, your family, your friends and neighbors — our patients and community.

David Reynoso: Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Close to Home.
David and his wife were celebrating their wedding anniversary in Las Vegas. A hardworking young father and owner of a thriving Goleta business, he was looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend away. Instead, he woke up not feeling right. When he started to experience tingling, numbness, and slurred speech — he went to a local hospital emergency room. There he was shocked to learn he had suffered a stroke and would need extended treatment and rehabilitation to recover. He knew that he wanted to get back to the Central Coast and to Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital as soon as possible. David said, “I knew I’d have the best chance of recovery being close to home where people cared about me. I was right, Cottage provided outstanding care and my care team felt like family.”

Bill Werts: Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital is Where Healing Begins
Bill was playing golf when his right foot began to shake uncontrollably. A neurosurgeon diagnosed him with metastasized lung cancer in his brain. Three days later they discovered a new complication. A lesion on his brain was bleeding and required immediate surgery. Bill was in Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for a week and then transferred to Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH), where he was an inpatient for about two weeks. “My real healing began at CRH,” Bill said. “The staff were totally committed to my healing and recovery with the goal to get me on my feet and walking again, which they did.”

Bill Werts and Family
Jenna Philley

Jenna Philley: CRH Staff’s Care Made Adjusting to Change Easier
On May 25, 2018, Jenna was leaving work for a 15 minute break and went off the road, over corrected, and her car crashed into a couple of trees. She was extricated from her vehicle and helivaced to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Jenna suffered 10 broken ribs on her right side, two on her left, and a collapsed lung. She also suffered a severe spine injury had to undergo an eight-hour spinal fusion surgery. The accident had left her with a complete break and shift of her spine, leaving her a complete T-10 paraplegic. After two weeks at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital she was transported over to Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital where she stayed for almost seven weeks. “I can’t begin to explain how much the staff there affected my stay in such a positive way,” says Jenna. “They definitely made it a little easier to cope and adjust to the change. My therapists there were amazing!”

Keith Severson: Getting Back to the Life I Love Thanks to CRH
In 2008, everything was going Keith’s way. His business was thriving. He played sports and loved being with his family. Then, a freak accident left Keith with a severe injury that led to an amputation of his leg from just below the knee. “I remember looking down at my legs and seeing that one was no longer there, and I broke down … it was the lowest point of my life.” That bleak moment soon turned to a bright, new day at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH), and Keith discovered the opportunity to get back to the life he loved.

Keith Severson